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Monday, May 7, 2012

Taking Over The Mall

Ninth Birthday... at the Mall!

My youngest daughter wanted her birthday party to be at Build A Bear in our local mall, so one of my teens and I quickly commandeered a few empty tables in the food court with some matching birthday paraphernalia while the other teen and dad took charge of the bear stuffing down the hall a bit.  We quickly set the tables up to surprise her and ordered lunch for all the little girls from the food court.  I can't believe we pulled it off really, but it was a success, a blast and really easy clean up!  Here are some pics before the mayhem ensued!  

 I found great deals for inexpensive festive plates at Walmart.  They carry a great selection now.  I also made a quick centerpiece with some Dollar Store flowers.  And of course my cupcakes were my all organic no sugar no flour recipe for those who eat healthy and some regular ones
 for kids that may have had nut allergies etc. 

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