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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Healthy Party Appetizers: Kid Approved.

Organic, High Protein, Low Fat
 EASY Healthy Party Food!

So here I spent the full day in my test kitchen trying to come up with more party foods for events that substitute the sugar, fat and chemical laden items I see at parties and other gatherings.  I went back to my trusty pile of Wonton and Pot Sticker wrappers to try and create a healthy low fat appetizer for kids 
and adults, scroll down and see the process...

I used a medium flower cookie cutter (instructions below) and
 turned the tiny cuppie wrappers INSIDE OUT
to show color and create a base for our appetizer. 
 I tried dressing them up in different ways with hole punchers.

I cut low fat organic cheeses with the same cookie cutter and then used
 smaller floral cutters to dress them up a bit. 
 I snuck in Vegan pepperoni which is low fat and high protein! 
 These combined with literally 10 calorie and zero fat wonton crisps
 on the bottom create an amazing event food that is healthy,
 organic, low fat and high protein! 
 No guilt here, we are nourishing our body and eating mindfully,
all while still making a presentation! 

The taste tests came back amazing!  Everyone snatched them up and the kids loved them!
One of my kids said, "I can't believe she is letting us eat pepperoni!"
 haha They really were delicious!  

 Below is the small cupcake pan, with the cut out wonton or pot stickers laid over the 
bottom of the wells and cooked at 350 for about 10 min in the oven.  

After baking....crisp gentle shells! 

Here I used my cuppie Babycakes machine and they came out just as 
wonderful in about five minutes. 

 If you don't want to decorate liners for a display they look adorable on a nice platter
as well.  The middle bowl below hosts some olives with hole punched decorations glued to the picks.  
The kids ate so many before I could get my photos done, I barely have any to display! 

Party food alternative with a healthy twist?  Yup, I'd say it was a home run!  

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