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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Lunch

Mother's Day

My one request for mother's day...lunch on my new "patio"!
I kinda made a make shift patio out of some extra space on the side of our house that was used for some practical purpose prior, and although it won't show up in Home and Garden Magazine, I am enjoying using the prior wasted space.  The girls and I grabbed a bunch of matching things we had stored in my closet of supplies and came up with this fun decor for a wonderful lunch outside!  

Have a few table cloths handy in some general holiday and popular easy to find accessories.  Gerber daisies are always around, polka dots, stripes....things like that.  I just sew table toppers from two selections of inexpensive fabric  that can be used on either side so you can store less. 

I also keep some faux flowers in basic colors and a few 
to match the simple universal toppers or dishes I have.  

A few glass square and cylinder shapes from the Dollar Store can go endless miles in
party decorating.  Here we added 2 drops of blue food coloring to water to bring out the blue in the table topper.  Just floating a top to one of the daisies added a stylized and colorful touch. 

Keeping a few items to "mark" a holiday is nice too.  Perhaps next year we could do an all lime green
theme with just a touch of pink somewhere?  I stopped collecting too much since storage is an issue now and really concentrate on reusing the versatile common items by dressing them up with fabric, craft or wrapping paper, ribbon and other disposables.  

My youngest daughter always humors me with a vast collection of holiday t shirts she loves to collect 
to wear to our parties!  I'd say this is MY favorite!  :)

My favorite roasted heart of romaine salad just fringed with the fired flavor from 
 the grill with pickled onions,
feta cheese and a carrot dressing was such a treat for me on my special day!

I do tend to collect inexpensive items like these cutsie straws and napkins from the Dollar Tree, knowing full well I will find a place for them soon enough.

Yummy no nitrate turkey sandwiches with lettuce on nice wheat hard rolls
 was a perfect light touch to our lunch.  

No time to decorate a zucchini bundt cake?  Just another head of the flowers stuck in the middle. 

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