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Monday, May 21, 2012

Make It Healthy, Make It Pretty!

Peanut Butter Protein Balls, 
All Dressed Up 

My passion for party planning and event styling will never leave me, I just know it.  It's been there since I cut hours worth of tiny roses to add to my wedding dress, years of ordering a half ton of sand for my kid's birthday beach party, making clown costumes, glue gunning and spray painting anything that wouldn't stand still.  

When I finally got to incorporate my love for making decorated cakes and confections with my very own party planning business, I was in sugar covered heaven!!  Well, I have revamped my life, my health and my convictions and I don't eat sugar anymore.  Kinda ruins a gal's cake business huh?  Well.....I've been researching, practicing, and reheating my oven up in my test kitchen to come up with not only healthier, low sugar and no refined foods for my kids and events BUT a way to begin to start to stylize them as well.  Who needs chemical laden, sugar filled cake balls to make a party more colorful and more festive?  I say WE DON'T!  So join me, and check out another of my NEW favorite healthy dessert recipe blogs, 

Peanut Butter Protein Balls
from the amazing Chocohlawtay Blog 
(See some of her other amazing recipes pics on FOODGAWKER)

2 Tbs natural smooth peanut butter
2 Tbs minimum processed honey
1 scoop vanilla protein powder mix 
(Find a good one with minimum ingredients and no artificial sweeteners. 
 A plain organic dry milk or soy substitute would also work.)
Mix powder with honey, cream in peanut butter until combined and roll into balls and chill.

At first I tried lollipop sticks, but they wouldn't stay so I switched to a wooden spoon and
lay the balls into truffle wrappers after covering in chocolate 
to keep things easier and less messy where kids are gonna be involved. 

This is the protein mix I love, it is really all natural and sold  at health food stores
in these little single serving packets which make it easy to use.

I kinda made them "mine" when I melted down low sugar dark chocolate in my chocolate melter, which really
is a tiny crock pot, but it works so so well for dipping frostings and all kinds of things!

This little cutie got a touch of girly love with a few dots of sprinkles and a pretty pink tutu!

This little guy was dressed for spring with a sunflower button and hole punch leaf glued on. 
I can't wait to start incorporating these healthier kid approved recipes into stylized theme parties! I would have practiced with some more ideas, BUT we ate them all before I could keep playing with them!    Stick with me as the inspiration begins to grow. 

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