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Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Veggies! More Fruit!

My Systems of Success

My favorite kitchen accessory is my Pampered Chef Chopper.  Certainly, you can find other brands in any department store. 
 I use this endlessly to incorporate
 as many vegetables into our meals as possible. 

Chop chop, it is so easy to use, nothing big to
 drag out and cleans in seconds.  
You can make your veggie pieces as large or small as you like.  

I chop zucchini, carrots, squash and onions into every single savory dish I can get them into.  You can chop the vegetables so small, they are undetectable, even to the most veggie hating picky eater.  I cut all my "hamburgers" (lean ground turkey) and meat loafs totally in half with these little guys and they make it moist and delicious.  The kids don't even know they are there.  A nice pot of bean chili with it's red sauce hides them perfectly!  For the longest time, my kids thought it was the ground beef! 
 Nope....all veggie chili here!

The lighter colored veggies like the yellow squash go into my low fat organic mac n cheese.  Kids--haven't a clue!   Now, I'm not hiding anything mind you, it is just our systems here now.  But really, it works and it is so simple!  I also use some organic baby foods like pureed sweet potatoes to add to anything before it is covered in  bread crumbs (whole grain panko with flax, wheat germ and herbs or no sugar flaked coconut).  You can add the pureed baby food veggie and white beans to muffins and baked goods.

Another great idea is to have bowls or trays
 and an organic low fat healthy dip 
with some raw veggies on the table as SOON as the kids get home from school!  I have something out like the bowl above or a variety on a platter every day.  The kids will migrate right to it for that after school hunger desperation! 

I was making salads to go with dinner and no one would eat it, it would go back in the fridge and get spoiled.  I couldn't understand since the kids will pack their plates at restaurant salad bars!  SO I got the idea....OUR OWN salad bar!  So now I put out a variety of organic lettuces and veggies and even
nuts and seeds and organic raisins for them to choose!  And, it worked!  Now the kids take just what they want for their own individual salad and dressing. Worked like a charm!  So...veggie success three by the time dinner is even over!

Here are a few of my fruit trays I put out on the table as we begin to clean up dishes from dinner.  I like to make dips from greek yogurt and use different skewers and picks to make it fun for the kids! And this is "dessert"!  The plate is cleaned off by the time it gets dark!  Fruits and more!

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