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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Healthier Children's Choices

Kid's Picks!

Last night my youngest daughter became a girl scout! The moms were directed to bring food for the picnic fun.  Well, in my quest for trying to introduce healthier choices for kids at events, I thought I had to start slow and begin the progress.  Here's the beginning of my new quest....

No nitrate, no filler real beef hot dogs and whole grain potato rolls are a good place to start for a kid friendly option.  I like to make things for kids easy to grab, and wanted the moms  and kids to know what they are choosing, so I made some little signs opening the communication for a more intentional choice.  SO are hot dogs the best?  Well these have high protein and high fiber in the buns.  We are starting somewhere.....
I found the hot dog holders at the Dollar Tree for literally pennies.

Greasy pizza? I say NOT!  These little pizza flavored tarts boast a pizza shell with
 ZERO fat and only 25 calories in the crust.  How did I do it? Scroll down and see...

Little signs let the kids see something familiar they are used to and
 make the choice without fear of "what it is"

The little tell tale signs of the contents, again, start the ideas of
 mindful choices and intentional eating.

Here's my trick!  Pot Sticker Wraps!  They fit perfectly in my Babycakes cuppie machine and cook to perfect crisp perfection in 5 minutes!  No fat,  25 calories each!  The possibilities for these little crusts of delight are endless!  Just picture berries over a bit of lemon Greek yogurt.....mmm

My Babycakes machine is my new secret weapon!  I am developing a whole new world of healthy cuppies with all natural ingredients that taste amazing 5 minutes at a time in this little gadget!  NO mess, no hot oven, fast, clean and simple!  The cuppies are baked soft and moist to perfection.  I found mine at the grocery store for $29.99.   Of course, you can use muffin tins in the oven as well.  I love the results with the potstickers and have had good results with organic pie crust for blueberry tarts as well!

After cooking the crusts, I placed them in cupcake liners for an easy clean grab for the kids.

Here are the ingredients I used, plus some herbs and a few chopped organic peppers.  I sauteed the organic beef, added the sauce, organic peppers and herbs.  After spooning the mixture into the crusts, I added organic cheese and melted it under the broiler for a few minutes.  

Finding some print art on line and my trusty collection of hole punchers, I made fun and easy
little signs for easier kid friendly choices.

My sweet litle girl scout!  

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