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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Coral Theme Dinner

Coral Theme Dinner

Our friends were leaving for a vacation to hawaii and we wanted to send them off with a special goodbye dinner.  I didn't want the typical bright colored Hawaiian theme.  I found some wonderful inspiration from some coral dishes in a magazine and tired to mimic that look and feel with many things I already had.  With my home printer and a little creativity,  I was able to incorporate a general theme and feel on a very easy budget. 

What better theme for hosting a dinner for friends leaving for Hawaii?

I chose a coral theme because it brought in red colors for an unexpected choice for a beach theme. It was easy to have theme flow with some dollar store votives and print art from a home computer.

Sand and sea shells are also and easy inexpensive find at the dollar store or any craft supply store!

I always keep a selection of popular themed serving plates I scout out at discount and home decorating store clearance tables.

This great castle mold was a $10 find on a Wal Mart clearance rack. Little shells from chocolate molds at a touch of detail with such little effort!

Simple sugar cookies from a star fish shaped cutter and brown sugar make a "sandy" treat.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Italian Dinner

We wanted to enjoy a big family dinner with close friends and all of our kids, so what other than Italian food is more crowd pleasing?

I set up an intimate conversation table for the adults, with a separate teen table and fun area at the island for the younger kids. Small details like melting butter into chocolate molds graced the tables to add detail and pique curiosity.

Centerpieces don't have to be expensive floral arrangements! I always "search the house" for fun matching items that lend a touch of whimsy for a theme. Just a simple votive holder and faux flower can add color to a small table or lining up a
display of fun collectibles can just add charm.

Choosing a menu doesn't have to be stressful, sometimes the easiest of foods can just bring everyone together! I made simple dishes of spaghetti with meat sauce, salad served family style and Italian Bread.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day

Family Fun on the Fourth!
I used color with easy items to bring a cohesive and high spirited party together.

White Chair covers were a steal at a Big Lots find for $5 each and can be used for so many different events, I purchased and store 20.

Sometimes using food itself is the most effective way to dress up a serving table.  Here I use a flat frozen pack hidden with a decorative napkin from Walmart seasonal plate and napkin collection to keep the dip chilled on a warm day.

The simple white table cloth is embellished with a touch of color from scrap booking paper and a star shaped hole punch.

This Wilton cake serving stand was too plain as it stood itself, but with the addition of some dollar store ribbon and faux flowers it quickly became worthy of the decorative confections it held.

My centerpiece was a collaborative effort of items I already had and some inexpensive candies I had purchased with the intention of finding something to use them for.

Storing some simple items like dollar store vases and chinese lanterns that can be used time and time again always reinventing a new look is an easy way to have creative accents on hand. Adding a bit of blue food coloring to water really helped tie these simple colors together.

While out and about, I collect fun colorful items I know I can use...these playful cupcakes liners are readily available at Michaels craft stores.

My designer sugar cookies are always a staple at one of my events. You too can pick your signature confection or dessert.