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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Coral Theme Dinner

Coral Theme Dinner

Our friends were leaving for a vacation to hawaii and we wanted to send them off with a special goodbye dinner.  I didn't want the typical bright colored Hawaiian theme.  I found some wonderful inspiration from some coral dishes in a magazine and tired to mimic that look and feel with many things I already had.  With my home printer and a little creativity,  I was able to incorporate a general theme and feel on a very easy budget. 

What better theme for hosting a dinner for friends leaving for Hawaii?

I chose a coral theme because it brought in red colors for an unexpected choice for a beach theme. It was easy to have theme flow with some dollar store votives and print art from a home computer.

Sand and sea shells are also and easy inexpensive find at the dollar store or any craft supply store!

I always keep a selection of popular themed serving plates I scout out at discount and home decorating store clearance tables.

This great castle mold was a $10 find on a Wal Mart clearance rack. Little shells from chocolate molds at a touch of detail with such little effort!

Simple sugar cookies from a star fish shaped cutter and brown sugar make a "sandy" treat.

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