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Friday, June 8, 2012

Test Kitchen....

Test Kitchen INSANITY!

I've been working hard in the kitchen, just like the days of perfecting my cake recipes for my RSVPS event cake business, I am tweaking and remaking and perfecting my NEW and improved ideas of
party styling using confections with
with healthy foods that nourish your body 
with high proteins and high fiber and with a low glycemic index..  

ALL of my recipes and frostings contain only organic natural foods without any flour or sugar!
I will be posting my finalized recipes and adaptations soon
 HERE on my blog...

while next, I move on to cookies and how to decorate them without high fructose corn syrup fondant!  
I am stubborn and determined to create a movement and inspiration to celebrate life without all the sugar, chemicals and processed foods we are used to seeing at parties!  This is the evolution of the party, and it ain't your grandmother's Betty Crocker cookbook!

Lemon zest organic lemon almond flour cupcakes with  no sugar, low fat cream cheese frosting

The same cupcake with a  no sugar cream cheese glaze 
I added the bone sprinkles because they went to my orthopedic office  :)

No Sugar lemon zest cuppies with no sugar raspberry piping frosting adorned
with pretty butterfly hole punches

New and improved no flour, no sugar chocolate cuppies with cream cheese frosting

Perfecting the no flour no sugar lemon cuppies again....

retrying the no sugar organic raspberry glaze and making sure it gives the same jaw dropping results....

...and it did! 

Organic no flour and no sugar carrot cake too, WOW!

No sugar caramel cream cheese for carrot cake....

This was truly amazing, so stay tuned for the results of the final draft of recipes
after attacking all the neighbors, family and UPS guy as taste testers, I am confident I got the finalized recipes for these!

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