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Monday, June 18, 2012

Super Hero Father's Day

"Dad Is My Hero"

As long as I can remember,
 my kid's amazing dad has
loved, collected and celebrated comic books, super heros and all that comes with it.  He and the girls have seen all the super hero movies.  It's like they speak their own language!  So, what better way to party for father's day than to have their best hero appreciated and celebrated in what they all share passion in?  Here is our creative, inexpensive take on a superhero party for the greatest dad!

We covered cereal boxes in white wrapping paper, used square hole punchers to glue on the windows and then attached clip art from the internet.  Our little super hero on top of a tall building was a gift one of the girls had given him several years ago!

Plates and napkins were a real steal at Big Lots for a dollar.  
Sky scrapers were random cut black paper from The Dollar Tree attached to a tri fold cardboard display.

Cute colorful banners were found on clearance at Target. 

Target also sold the balloons in their party section.

I DID make my coconut flour healthy chocolate cupcakes with the organic dry milk healthy frosting, and they did not disappoint!  Check the recipe out, really parties don't need all that sugar!!!
See new VEGAN frosting recipe on this post HERE

To add to my healthy dessert quests for parties, I cut watermelon in star shapes with cookie cutters and covered some banana pieces in dark chocolate for a simple treat. I also make almond flour cookies, but wouldn't recommend that recipe, so I left them out. 

These cupcake liners are the new stand alone liners that don't need a muffin or cupcake pan.  I love them so much!  Hobby Lobby carries them.  SO easy and the color stays true. 

Cute Super Dad trophy found at CVS and plays the theme to Superman!  

I covered a lazy susan with chalk spray paint from Walmart, and the kids each wrote notes to their dad.

Our Captain America!

Chocolate covered bananas in a wonton base!

Dad requested some of his favorite foods, albeit mostly contraband here on normal days, but it was HIS day.  I did cut low fat organic ground beef with chopped veggies, flax and wheat germ though. He grabbed his own rolls, and some low fat simple chips.

This macaroni salad is his childhood favorite and I make it once a year for him since it is made with white pasta.  But our broccoli slaw was not shunned by the healthy mom!

Clark Kent?? or Dad??  

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