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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pretty Natural Table Decor

Pretty Natural Table

My nine year old, Cassie, has this gift of finding pretty abandoned  bird's nests.  I always loved them and was so amazed at the intricacy and the detail of them.  Sweet momma bird, finding just the right soft twig, or abandoned piece of fabric....I am just in love with the complexity and the simplicity of them.  

I cut a piece of fabric the size of a table runner, and glue gunned on all these spare leaves from floral arrangements and extra flowers I had in storage and made a pretty leaf runner.  Then we added some store bought nests and pretty plastic eggs to build it up a bit.  Such a sweet and pretty reminder of nature and a wonderful backdrop for a tablescape.  I love it so much, I've had a hard time wanting to change it, and will add different dishes and colored candles for each holiday.  Easter hosted moss bunnies and Christmas held red candles.  It is also a great back drop idea for a garden party or nature themed event.  

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