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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back to The 4th of July

Getting it all ready, again!

 It's been two years since my last 4th of July party celebration, and it's on again this year. I've hit my creative flow and I'm in the zone.....last night as I busily created and assembled decorations, I realized, when the sun came up, I actually never went to bed!  Oh how I love the flow.... But this year will be a little different. I am putting energy into creating a menu and dessert area that are mindful of my new commitment to a low sugar and healthier diet with my new montra, "Stylized and kid approved parties without all the sugar or processed food!" So come back and visit again to see how I pull it all together. My new parties are on a budget, I use a few simple staple items purchased from the dollar store that are changed up, re-decorated and reused in new and resourceful ways. 
Here's a little preview of the process.....

 Firecrackers in the works here using dollar store glass vases, scrap booking paper, some red ribbon I found on a Christmas clearance for .15 cents and a few inexpensive craft store stickers and stars.  It really is easy, inexpensive and since so much is reused and adapted for so many other holiday themes, it doesn't require much storage at all!

Ahh, below are some wonderful memories of  my children and their friends enjoying the previous Independence Day party.  Take a look at the upgraded post of that party HERE.

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