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Saturday, June 23, 2012

No Bake- Healthy Power Cookies

NO Bake Healthy Power Cookies

Huge success here in the healthy trial kitchen while still on my quest for planning and styling parties without a dessert table full of sugar and processed foods.  Here is my latest kid approved, no bake cookie.  It really tasted like a Resees's cup.  It is protein and fiber packed with heart healthy and Omega oils and vitamin B.  

Here our little guys are all dressed up for the next party, the 4th of July!  I folded the cupcake liners inside out to give more color.
They will be a great kid pick for sure!

No Bake Healthy Power Cookies
adapted from "Gimme some oven" Blog

~1 cup dry old fashioned organic oats (grind a bit in food processor if you don't want bigger oat pieces, I preferred this consistency better and it mixed the flavors more)

~ 1/3 cup of natural organic peanut butter with no added sugar

~1/2 scoop all natural vanilla protein powder mix (I used a natural brand with stevia as the sweetener and no added chemicals or preservatives by Jay Robb sold at GNC)

~ 1/2 cup  no sugar added coconut flakes

~ 2T ground flax

~ 2T wheat germ

~ 1/3 organic honey

Stir all ingredients together,  kneading with hands to push honey and peanut butter oils into dry ingredients.  Form preferred shape (truffle ball or cookie style), place on cookie sheet to place in refrigerator for 1/2 to chill.  Dip into dark organic or grain sweetened melted chocolate.  Set on chilled cookie sheet again to harden chocolate.  Re-chill for about 10 min in fridge.  Place onto serving dish or pretty liners to match your party theme!  They last about a week in covered dish. 

Easy recipe with a mountain of possible additions: almond butter if peanut allergic, dried fruits, chopped nuts, rice grains, tiny dark chocolate chips, chocolate protein powder......

Healthy protein mix is my new secret ingredient I have been experimenting with it in many recipes, I am even working on a frosting mix......since it is mixed with stevia it is all natural and does not contain artificial sweeteners or sugar.  It is a wonderful way to get more protein into some treats and baked goods. 

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