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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Brainstorming Cupcakes! 

In an attempt to just play around and get some Halloween treat ideas, I had done some test designs on a few batches of cupcakes in random liners and sizes and frostings.  I have used my rolled buttercream on some, homemade marshmallow fondant on others and the store bought frosting hand dipped method you can see here on my blog.  In the end, I liked the hand dipped toppers with cute additions the best.  But everyone liked trying them out too!  Really it was all just practice for me to try and find what I thought I might like. The pictures aren't fancy or all set up, but thought maybe you'd like to share in the evolution of all these ideas.......

 The lower pictures here are dipped into melted store bought frosting and then topped off with a little Halloween flair.  Really, it is a quick method, tastes great, gives a smooth finish and the ways to decorate them are endless!  I have since started collecting fun Halloween sprinkles and candy toppers too, it makes it so easy and  such a fun thing for the kids to help out on too.  My new goals are to try and find ways to create a healthier cupcake with less sugar but still find ways to add the detail of celebration to them.  So get ready for some new inspirations coming soon!  

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