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Friday, September 2, 2011

Lady Bug, Lady Bug!

Lady bugs!  

My youngest daughter loves lady bugs, so for her birthday she picked out a lady bug theme and I made a big tray full of these charming little cupcakes to bring to her class.  They were such a hit with the kids and really so easy.  The antennae are flower stamens from floral making and are not edible so I left those off of the ones I sent to the children.  I posted this pic to my Flickr account and of all my confection creations these, for some reason,  have the most hits I could ever have imagined.  They had close to 14,000 hits! 

I thought it would be nice to add some other little lady bug things we made.  Here are cute little tags for packaging and a fun little tote bag my daughter helped design and sew with me.  Except for the iron ons, she made it all herself!  


  1. love your photo of the ladybug cupcakes. I am planning on a ladybug party for my 2 year old. Did you use fondant?

  2. I used Satin Ice brand fondant because it is too hard to get such rich coloring for blacks and reds when you make it at home. Everyone liked this brand's flavor so now I use it more. Good luck on your party!