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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Campin' Out...back yard style!

Campin' Out!

My oldest daughter was turning 15 and the birthday celebration was right around the corner.  She really just wanted to hang out with her teen friends this year and stay up late sharing stories and listening to music.  Together we came up with this great idea to put a tent in the back yard and have all the girls pile in for some over night fun.

The first thing I like to do when styling a party, is collect all the things I already have to get inspiration and try to come up with a plan.  I got all the kids to search the house and bring to the table anything that reminded them of camping!  We found fishy table cloths, metal lanterns, an old picnic basket and my youngest daughter contributed her little seedling of a pine tree she has been nurturing.

An old family iron pot with a bird's nest bowl holder and twig theme spoon were a creative
way to display chips and dip

Hamburgs and hot dogs were served up hot from the grill with the fixins on the side

What could be better than s'mores for the fire and how about this
 funny little fish cake covered in fondant?

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