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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ushering In a New Era.

Revamp: refurbishrecondition, rehabilitate, overhaul, make over; upgrade,
 refitre-equip; remodel, refashion, redesign,
 restyle, give something a facelift, rehab.

My life has been revamped.  Here over the last few years, I have lost 50 lbs, had two back surgeries, taken to a more holistic lifestyle, opened up my life with with yoga and exercise and organic and whole food eating.  Really, I am passionate about it all and feel better than ever. 

I needed to come up with some ways to incorporate my own essence of being a party planner, a confection maker and generally living out the passions of my life in celebration and design with all life's little details.  Here now, I am going to try and marry all these parts of me and usher in this new era.  I want to try to revamp recipes, change and make substitutions for unhealthy packaged, processed foods, bleached out flours and sugars and replace party and confection choices to continue to celebrate family, friends, gatherings and holidays with all the flair I love!

So follow with me here on my blog as I start to try out some new products and recipes and new healthier ways to bring it all together.  I am excited about all the new possibilities and sharing them with you.  

Today I start with my first attempt at redoing my sugar cookie recipe.  I switched out bleached white flour for a try at the whole grain gluten free flour, chose a less refined organic sugar and tried out a  healthy vegan buttery spread.  Still as I am working on some ideas for healthier frostings,  I chose to add a bit of organic dark chocolate to finish off.  Really there are so many ways I am going to try and stream line this recipe for different diet needs and am looking for organic and healthier ways to add color and flair.  But just enjoy some inspiration to begin starting the process of revamping some of your party and confections choices.  Below are the cookies I make for Valentine's Day and used some pretty packaging to dress them up.  Oh there's so much more to stick with me!  It's gonna be a journey!  

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