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Monday, October 4, 2010

Hand Dipped Frosting Method

Making this cute little pumpkin cupcake is so easy! Hand dipping is a great way to frost cupcakes for a smooth flawless finish and only takes minutes!

I always measure my cupcake batter with a consistent measurer to create uniform cupcakes. This is the small batter scoop from Pampered Chef products. This batch is carrot cake flavor.

I melt the store bought plain frosting in a small crockpot, it keeps it warm and at a constant temperature. You must stir it prior to each dipping. You can not use homemade frosting with this method.
BUT I am working on some new recipes that don't have processed chemicals or preservatives and use less refined sugars to use for hand dipped stick with me for some results soon!

Dip the tops into the melted frosting, twist, hold to drain off excess and then allow to dry!

Decorate your cupcake with any seasonal topper or sprinkles you like!

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