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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Prehistoric Halloween!

No bones about it......

A few years ago I put together a fun prehistoric Halloween party for my kids and their friends in the neighborhood. A small fire to keep our little cavemen warm also warmed marshmallows on the perfect stick hunted down by our little scavengers.

Treats were made to fill even the biggest dinosaurs!
Hunted down bones made from store bought refrigerated bread stick dough and marinara sauce for dipping were a big hit!

Cookies from a doggie bone cookie cutter were a fun way to enhance the theme. I used a sugar cookie recipe with my rollable cream cheese frosting recipe (see blog for recipe).

I made the girls their costumes from fabric store yardage of animal print fabrics. The girls found fun shell necklaces and dollar store plastic bones for their hair.

Always thinking of my next project, I made fun little tote bags for the girls and some of their friends from the recycled "animal skin" costume fabric!

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