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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lo Carb Gluten Free Bread for Breakfast

Perfect Lo Carb Gluten Free Breakfast Bread it and ADD to it.....

This amazing lo carb bread made from Omega rich ground almond meal and organic protein rich eggs and almond butter makes for a perfect breakfast bread, especially if you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.  I had mine this week with smoked salmon and a pile of baby broccoli sprouts.  My new health mantra is "if you are gonna eat it, ADD to it!"  Make the most of everything you put in your mouth by adding super foods and mega  antioxidant rich items to it.  Before baking this, I threw in some chia seeds to help with metabolism, lower cholesterol and help control blood sugars.  I made the bread with extra organic healthy spices and dehydrated veggies for more really was a MEGA FOOD by the time I was done with it all.  

See the recipe I adapted from "Elana's Pantry"  HERE.

Health Tip: if you need to LOSE weight, do a morning workout before you eat, this way all the glucose stored in your blood, muscles and liver will be used up and you will go directly into "fat burning mode" of keto acidosis and you will actually kick start a much faster metabolism for the day.  Plus this gives you the most amazing endorphin rush and powerful high. This allows you to be less depressed and make better decisions on your eating for the day.  Foods rich in Omegas will also add to healthier moods and greater metabolism, not to mention a healthy heart!  IF you want to boost your metabolism even higher, do NOT eat many carbs for breakfast, but one rich in protein and veggie fibers.  

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