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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It all starts here.....

Eat Your Veggies!  The Easy Way.

In my quest to nurture a healthy body, I have been eating more organic vegetables and nutrient rich foods to heal, restore and feed my body.  I have realized this organic 
Vegetable Broth by Pacific Natural Foods has become a staple in my cooking.  Basically I use it to replace water in almost all of my savory cooking.  Once a week I make a pot of organic veggie soup by starting with a box of this broth,  adding a can of organic tomato paste and whatever veggies I have on hand!  I try to be sure to include GREENS like kale or spinach or a box of mixed organic greens.  This is also a wonderful way to include  the fiber and cancer fighting attributes of cabbage into your diet.  I like to add a dab of hot chili paste for a kick boost on metabolism and immunity.  Adding spices that help with metabolism like turmeric is a smart idea too.   Consider making a healthy soup pot full of good stuff for your body!  Be creative,   It's so easy.  

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