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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pumpkin Cookies with Rolled Cream Cheese Frosting

I always like to make fun holiday cookies and cuppies for my kids and their friends. Here are a few examples of some favorites!

Sugar cookies with Rolled Cream Cheese Frosting
You can use your favorite sugar cookie recipe or think of trying replacing any bleached flours with less refined and more whole grain types!  

My cream cheese frosting is made with 1 block of softened regular ORGANIC cream cheese mixed with a 2 lb bag of ORGANIC confectioner's sugar mixed in a heavy duty blender with a pastry mixer handle. Choose your favorite flavor by adding 1 tsp of natural extract.  You can add your food coloring while mixing or knead in by hand if you want several colors.  

I prefer lemon extract. (If you would like to make less it is 1 oz of cream cheese per 1 cup of confectioner's sugar). Cream the cream cheese until smooth, add extract, then slowly add sugar until mix is very thick. Pour mix onto surface dusted with more confectioner's sugar and form into ball. The mix will be sticky, so you will need to use extra confectioners sugar constantly as you work with the mix. Store in fridge..... work in small amounts constantly dusting your work surface as you roll. Cut frosting with the same cookie cutter you made your cookie with. It dries quickly, so you need to work rather fast. Attach the frosting with a clean paint brush and a few dabs of agave nectar or corn syrup "painted on the cookie".  I chose a regular fondant for the leaves and stem. I like to dust the frosting with cake decorators dusting powders to add an extra sheen.

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Fall Cuppies
To Embellish these adorable little cuppies, I simply used small cutters and fondant from any craft store. I added some sheen and extra color with cake decorator dusting powders. You can make these ahead of time and air dry. They will last several weeks!
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  1. Wow, I've never heard of rolled cream cheese frosting!! I really curious about trying out this frosting/fondant.
    I wanted to make some cream cheese cooie to send to my mom...however, I am worried a cream cheese frosting would became mushed in the travel....Does this frosting taste strongly of cream cheese? I have no it possible to mix by hand with a spatula or too difficult?
    Does it have to stay cold...or does it harden and dry oiut like fondant?

    If you can help me out a bit, that would be so great!!

    Beautiful cookies and cakes!! :)


  2. They travel well if you let them dry overnight, bag each one separately. You can do it by hand, and the flavor is subtle but different and everyone just loves them!

  3. How long does the rolled cream cheese last on the cookies? How far in advanced can the rolled cream cheese be made.
    thank you