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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall Fun! Pumpkin Cupcake Toppers

Fall always brings these winds of creative inspiration for me. It is like the changes in weather and new colors in nature start to make me feel like meeting that with some of my own expression. From harvest celebrations, to Halloween and then Thanksgiving, there are so many opportunities to celebrate and share something fun and festive with family and friends.

Butterscotch Pumpkins

These little butterscotch pumpkins were so fun and easy to make. They are tasty enough to stand on their own or you can use them to embellish all sorts of fun fall treats!

Butterscotch pumpkins for fall recipe

Melt butterscotch or peanut butter morsels over low heat, add 1 can store bought frosting. Cool, mold add pretzel and lines.  You can also make them from my rollable cream cheese frosting recipe OR my rollable buttercream frosting recipe.  

Savory Fall Tarts

These were so delicious, a tad time consuming, but well worth the celebration of season they brought to a shared lunch with family and friends.

The shell is simple store bought pie crust, cut with a favorite seasonal cookie cutter, and egg washed to give the nice golden hues while baking. I chose a delicious mix of chopped organic frozen spinach, pressed garlic, sauteed onion and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese for my middle. But you can be creative and choose your own fill. Perhaps pizza sauce and mozzarella would be a kid friendly snack!

Fudge Pops

These fun fudge pops are such a great hit for kids! Here I used a simple store bought mix for dark fudge balls, inserted popsicle sticks and chilled in the freezer until hard. I then dipped them in a melted combination of one can store bought frosting, orange food color and a handful of Wilton candy melts to give the shell a soft but candy like coating. I tossed on sprinkles for fun!

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