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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easy Stamped Cookies

Hi Chick!

I found some great rubber stamps at the dollar store that have sharper rubber edges than most stamps, so they worked great to make impressions into fondant dough.  First, stamp the cookie, then re stamp the 2nd color and cut the shape out with a crafter's knife.  The little stars were added with a punch back fondant cutter.  


  1. That cute!! I want! Have you had a great idea.
    One question, I can find them online? I'm in Spain.

  2. I got them at The Dollar Tree, and they actually do sell on line, however shipping is FREE to your local store to pick up there, I don't think you could get them shipped to Spain. Do you have Dollar Stores? Just keep your eyes open for inexpensive stamps, they seem to work better on fondant.