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Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Fool's Day

Can you be fooled?

I had these cute smiley face mugs and had the idea they would be cheery for April Fool's day so I ran with the colors and it kind of took off.  My daughter and I came up with fun "tricky" treats to try and fool  our guests. 

I spray painted an old picture frame red and used the glass as a chalk board.  I sprayed with KILZ primer and then chalk board paint.  I'm sure this little guy will show up again!  
I keep a big bin of colored paper balls and bring them out and add ribbon for many different parties, they are inexpensive, easy to store and add great color to your party styling. 
And I know you've seen these red table Christmas, Valentine's Day, the 4th of July.....

Have some "bagels and eggs"!'s a glazed donut with gummy eggs on top.  

I found these disguise mustaches at the Dollar store.  Such cuties for a buck.  Embelish my red and white straws with some printed paper punch outs and I love it!

The Dollar Tree also had the adhesive chalk board labels.  I thought they matched wonderfully with my theme. 

Oh how could you resist a few little attempts at tomfoolery?

Little favors consist of red cherry "polka dots"

Favor boxes from the dollar store here are so easy to embellish for any party!  I stock up on them.

uh, oops, not again!

A milkshake?  Maybe.....

Hamburger sliders?  Try and see!  Vanilla wafers with a few dabs of corn syrup or honey will hold a few sesame seeds.  Our burger is a tiny peppermint patty with ketchup and mustard frosting to hold it all together

I found these great windmill flowers at target and replaced their tag with my own.  

Care for an ice cream cone?  But it's not cold!   Shhh, Red velvet cupcakes hide under this mountain of frosting.

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