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Friday, February 17, 2012

Super Bowl Party!

Super Bowl Party...with a healthier Kick

Every year my kids and their dad watch the Super Bowl together in our large party room.  Of course we have all girls and it really is more about them finding this excitement with their dad than the game.  My youngest said she was determined to actually "watch" the game at the party this year!  I am not a big sports fan, so I thought I could be included by making some fun healthy alternatives to the regular foods found on Super Bowl Sunday.  I got a little creative and had some fun with it....

Here I purchased some "referee" fabric from Hobby Lobby.  I also printed some clip art from the web to make the field box and flags.

A "stadium" of multi grain crackers and low fat cheeses.  A few pepperoni were thrown in to give the whole appearance of it being game day food!

I put out veggie chips with a herb dip from Greek yogurt and a spoonful of low fat sour cream.

Piggies in a blanket were made with nitrate free organic chicken dogs in an organic all natural bread dough wrap.

I found these great disposable bamboo plates and servers that are earth friendly and make for easy breezy clean up!

I found this fun rye football shaped bread at Wegmans grocery store.  Here the potatoes are organic russets baked in the oven, sliced with a touch of organic low fat cheddar cheese sprinkled on top and some chives added.  The dip is made from Greek yogurt, a touch of low fat sour cream, bacon bits, chives and dill.  It was such a low cal alternative to twice baked potatoes done the traditional way.

Napkins and cups were an easy find at out local dollar store and craft store. 

I stole this little football out of my daughters stuffed animal box! 

I made some healthy lemon cupcakes with my usual recipes using almond flour.
see HERE, and the frosting is the "Organic Valley" frosting on the back of the bag HERE.

This party mix is by Annie's.  The crackers are whole wheat. 

Ok, there is nothing healthy here....but gotta splurge for dear ol' dad! His fav!

I cut up some organic chicken and sauteed with a ginger and teriyaki sauce.

Easy healthy shrimp cocktail.

Low Fat no nitrate ham and organic cheese for sandwiches instead of the usual subs they would have wanted to order!

See healthy cupcake recipe by clicking link below

See vegan frosting recipe HERE

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