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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Easy and Healthy Coleslaw

Easy Healthy Coleslaw

I loved a similar recipe I tried while on a yoga retreat last year at Kripalu Yoga Center in the Birkshires in Massachusetts.  This retreat center is known for it's amazing buffet of local, organic and healthy foods.  Although the yoga classes there inspired my practice beyond my thinking, the meals there changed my life!  I was able to realize I CAN eat healthy, all the time, at every meal with choices and flavor and passion!  For one solid week, I indulged in the healthiest of foods without once needing the typical comfort foods we have trained our minds to think we need.  Each time I go, I come away more inspired and more committed!  Take a peek at their web site recipes from their staff head chef.  I bought her recipe book when I was there last. 
 Here is my easy, thrown together, version of a cabbage and carrot slaw. 

I used half  of a small cabbage sliced thin into shreds
4  organic carrots, shredded
(the health benefits to this are amazing!
studies show an increase in weight loss and digestion with it's uses as well)
1/8 c organic agave nectar
1/4 C Veganaise Mayonnaise (with heart healthy grapeseed oil)
handful of organic raisins
handful of slivered almonds
sea salt and pepper to taste 

I sliced my carrots with this amazing vegetable peeler from Pampered Chef!  It was 5x faster than pulling out a food processor and didn't make the carrots "wet" like a processor does.  Just lay the carrot flat on a cutting board and strip down, in seconds I had easy shredded carrots, the perfect size.

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