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Monday, August 29, 2011

An Evening of Elegance and Decadence

Elegance and Decadence

When the time came to host a 40th birthday party for one of my good friends, I decided to try to come up with some kind of theme that represented her personality, her likes and her essence. My friend was so elegant and always had this flair for the sophisticated, so I thought an evening affair lit with candle light would be appropriate....
What other things reminded me of her? Oh she always held a cup of coffee in her hands....she was forever buying that new purse.....and oh all things chocolate were always appreciated.
So here I had it! And evening of Elegance and Decadence wafting in the scent of cafe' mocha.
Scroll down and see how I pulled it off!

I nestled the candles in the centerpieces in fresh aromatic coffee beans to give off not only a lovely warm light, but also encouraged the most wonderful comforting scent from
the fragrant beans!

Wine bottles chilled over a curious glow and ice.

A beautiful display of dipping foods in various sized martini glasses and fresh flowers encircled the decadent chocolate fountain. I only wished I had better pictures to do the night justice, but I was busy and just grabbed a willing helper to snap some quick shots before guests arrived.

I made this chocolate purse cake piece of art totally from scratch and every indulgent piece was completely edible! Homemade chocolate fondant covered a moist chocolate cake with mocha chocolate cream gnash oozing between it's delicious layers! The smell alone was amazing!

What other than a purse cake could be more appropriate? Here I set this sweet little "hand bag" on an entry table that no doubt became quite the conversation piece! Stories were told of a few guests that considered picking up the bag!

Guests could leave with chocolate fondant sugar cookie favors I made especially to mirror the flavors of the evening.

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