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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Wine Tasting Party

To celebrate my 40th birthday, my husband and I hosted a "wine tasting" party at our house. Just prior to my life's notable numbers turning point, we indulged in a few weekends scouting out local wineries, bed and breakfasts and country inns that boasted in their course meals paired with house wines. We tried, tasted and perhaps indulged a bit until we came home with a nice variety of wines to share with our friends on my special day.

I have a birthday coming up here soon, and it seems like that turning point is getting further and further behind me, so share with me and enjoy some snaps of some of my fond memories!

We moved our home furniture around and created some comfy conversation areas in our party room to allow our guests to mingle, try the different wines and taste some of the delicious appetizers I whipped up.

I collected bags and bags of grape vines from yard sales and discount stores so I could share the theme around the house.


  1. Just ran across your pictures on Flickr and had to check out your blog! You are so creative - I love your rolled icing technique. I am in love with your black tiered stand, can you tell me where you got it - I need one too! :) Good luck with all your future party adventures!

  2. Lorien: I did get the stand at Costco, but it was a few years ago! Maybe try to find it on the internet or ebay. It was pretty inexpensive, but holds a ton of stuff! Thanks for checking in! I like to share pics of all my hard work!

  3. Thanks so much for writing back! I did a total search of the internet and ebay after seeing it :) No luck yet and I can see why - if I had it I'd never let it go! It is just so big and the way it can be taken a part makes it so versatile. Keep using it so I can oooo and ahhh at it :)