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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Share The Love, Valentine's Day Cookies

Valentine's Day is always full of anticipation for my 4 girls, every year their dad surprises them with little tokens of heartfelt sentiments he creates for each of them, partnered with a sweet chocolate gift. My contribution to my family and friends? Well my cookies of course!


  1. what kind of frosting do you use on your cupcakes? They look amazing and I would love to try it.

  2. oops! I meant on your cupcakes and cookies! :) I was directed here when I saw a picture of a ladybug cupcake you did, and fell in love with your cookies too!

  3. These are done with the rolled cream cheese frosting. you can find the recipe on my blog on the home page. I dusted them with some clear cake dusting powder to give it a sheen. You can emboss of this frosting, but it doesn't hold the shape well of the impression mats. I use the edges of cookie cutters or plastic shapes on these. The flavor of these are really unique and amazing. People's eyes light up when they first taste it!