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Monday, October 1, 2012

My Cookbook

My Cookbook Is Here!

Mindful and Intentional Eating
Healthy Desserts That Nourish The Body
by Lisa Mitchell

This wonderful compilation of over a year's worth of tried, tested and tweaked  healthy dessert recipes that nourish your body is all gathered for you in two easy to use cookbooks!  A gorgeous hardcover edition of 11 x 8 1/2 shows all 17 recipes in their beautiful photographic glory.  The smaller soft cover edition makes it easy to keep these special recipes at your finger tips in the kitchen. 

After leaving my own cake and event business to pursue a healthier lifestyle, I was compelled and determined to find alternatives to bake again!  I researched healthy replacements for refined sugars and flour and found there are wonderful choices of real and natural products available to us that taste great and don't contribute to disease and all the complications associated with processed and refined foods.  

After gathering piles of books from the library, purchasing books from internet sources and endless hours of pouring over internet blogs, I compiled a notebook full of recipes to "try".  So, the baking began.  And I baked and I baked I and baked.  I sent cupcakes to elementary schools to try, desserts were tested in the high school cafeteria, the UPS man was not exempt  from a cuppie or two, and many a treats were tested at the White House itself!  After tasting and tweaking, the results were astonishing without one poor review.  So, with all my passion and conviction, I share these recipes with you in my self made, self published gathering of healthy desserts that nourish your body! 

See a page from the books below and order your copy here from my blog, by just clicking the size you prefer and the "Buy Here" button on the upper right.  I know you will enjoy these recipes as much I have. 

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